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Discovering Paris – Workshop Preview in the 13e

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I’m sure you saw our announcement for the upcoming Paris workshop this September 27-30. Earlier this year, we were both there scouting a few new locations in anticipation of the workshop. We really loved a couple new, modern buildings in the 13th arrondissement, an area we’ll be photographing on day 2 of the workshop.

The first building, a residential tower, has these great glass balconies with yellow tones.

However, depending on how the light hits it, the tones can have purple hue as well.

There’s also a great play of old vs. new with the historic architecture reflecting in the modern building.

It was a pretty gray day when we were there but I’m guessing it’s great in the sunshine, so here’s to hoping for brighter skies on the workshop!


Just a couple blocks away is this new commercial building with a great wavy, steel facade. Given it was still under construction when we were there in January, we both focused on abstracts. It seems to work best with a telephoto lens and up close to emphasize the varying depth of the facade.

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