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The best Los Angeles cityscapes

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Los Angeles doesn’t always strike as a city with a great skyline (like New York City or Chicago), but if you know where to go, you can get some great shots. Here are some of our favorite Los Angeles cityscapes.

Let’s start with Downtown LA: one of the most photogenic locations is the 4th street bridge over the 110 freeway. It’s perfect to capture car trails, both on the bridge and on the freeway underneath.

4th Street Bridge

The next location downtown is the Department of Water and Power building. It’s surrounded by a pool/fountain, which provides great reflections of the financial district.

Department of Water and Power

Our third downtown location is City Hall. It’s another way to get good views of the Financial District. Note: the Observation Deck hours are weekdays, 8am-5pm. So no weekends and no sunsets. unfortunately!

City Hall

Let’s get out of Downtown to get some nice skyline views! First stop, Angels Point in Elysian Park. It’s a great location to include a little bit of nature in the foreground. There are other great locations in the Elysian Park, including views with the Dodger Stadium in the foreground.

Angels Point

Finally, the most famous vantage point in Los Angeles is probably the Griffith Observatory. It provides sweeping views of Los Angeles all the way to Century City and Beverhills.

Downtown LA from the Griffith Observatory

While the smog isn’t always great for photos, it can make the sky more dramatic at sunset:

Century City from the Griffith Observatory

As you can see, there are a lot of great Los Angeles Cityscapes! Did we forget any? What are your favorite locations?  Let us know in the comments!

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