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How to stitch panoramas with Lightroom

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Last week, I shared 5 tips to shoot panoramas, so I think it’s time to talk about the post-processing part! One of the easiest ways to stitch a panorama is to do so right in Lightroom. No need for fancy software or anything complicated.

First, in the Library module, select your images (no need to do any post-processing first). As you can see below, I selected 5 images (you can have as little as two and many more than 5) from our photowalk at the 18th Street Bridge during Out of Chicago. I’ll be using these images to demonstrate.

Then click on the menu Photo>Photo Merge>Panorama.

A window opens. It might take a little bit to load, depending on how fast your computer is. It will give you a first preview of the panorama.

You have a few options at the top right. Play with the projections to see which one you prefer. For skylines, I usually find that Perspective is the most realistic. You can use Auto Crop to make sure you have no white spaces. Boundary Warp will automatically try to fill the white spaces.

When you’re done, click Merge at the bottom right. It’ll take a little while, but a new image will appear in your library, next to the ones you had selected. Now, what’s amazing is that it’s a DNG file and you can do all the adjustments, like with a RAW file. So let’s jump to the Develop module.

Here’s what the image looks like with some basic adjustments and cropping. It still needs more work, especially taking care of those nasty dust spots.

And here’s the final result with a little more work. Not bad, right?

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to stitch a panorama in Lightroom. And the fact that the panorama is still a RAW file makes it even better.

Have fun stitching your panoramas and share them with us in our Facebook Group!

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