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After meeting at the Out of Chicago Conference in 2015, we realized that our teaching philosophies were very similar, even though they were applied to different ways of shooting architecture: abstracts & cityscapes. Photography Unfolded was born in 2017 from our desire to create a complete experience around architectural photography.

Our mission at Photography Unfolded is to help creative-minded photographers explore the world of architectural photography. Through blog posts, eBooks, newsletters, photowalks and workshops, we thrive to provide hands-on, practical and creative training. You’ll be able to improve your entire creative process from shooting to post-processing.

The Team

  • Angie McMonigal
    Angie McMonigal

Angie McMonigal

Angie is an award-winning fine art and commercial architecture photographer based in Chicago. She brings a detailed, thoughtful perspective to her work, whether for clients or through the workshops she leads. Having grown up surrounded by nature yet fascinated by the big city she’s called home for nearly two decades, she brings the meditative calm of her upbringing to a terrain that’s always transforming. Focusing more frequently on bold architectural details rather than sweeping cityscapes, her photographs celebrate those unexpectedly iconic elements hiding in plain sight.

An award-winning fine art photographer, Angie’s work has been internationally exhibited and published. Most recently, her Urban Quilt series was accepted into Catherine Edelman Gallery’s Chicago Project. She frequently works with art consultants, designers, architectural firms, and private collectors.


  • Michael Muraz
    Michael Muraz

Michael Muraz

Michael Muraz is an international award-winning architectural photographer, bringing technical precision and creative passion to his fine art and commercial work. Based in Toronto, Michael travels extensively, exploring cities and buildings with his camera. He creates emotionally stirring images that celebrate the most engaging details of the spaces he shoots.

Michael was born in France and originally trained to be an engineer. While studying abroad, he began to teach himself the technical aspects of photography simply to improve his own travel snapshots. He soon fell in love with photography as an artform and with architecture as a subject matter, discovering a craft that satisfies both his analytical and artistic sensibilities.